Call For Papers

The Canadian Section of the IVR
will meet as an affiliate of the CPA at
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
Saturday, May 27, 2017

The IVR accepts papers devoted to subjects in law and legal theory and moral and political theory. Submitted papers (and commentaries on them) are circulated (password protected) via the IVR Website (http://phil.uregina.ca/cs-ivr) and the authors and commentators briefly summarize their points to open discussions at the meeting. See http://phil.uregina.ca/cs-ivr/about.html for further information about CS:IVR meetings.

There is no specific theme for this year's meeting; so work in any of the above areas will be considered appropriate. However, we would especially welcome papers on themes related to current affairs such as international security, climate change, democracy, economic globalization, etc. Papers on the theme of the 2017 International IVR meeting in Istanbul – peace – would of course be most welcome as well.

Deadlines for the Toronto Meeting:

Due by:

Nathan Brett
Executive Director
Canadian Section: IVR

Please circulate this call for papers to others who may be interested.

Schedule for May 27


Papers Received