CS-IVR 2007 Annual Meeting

The Canadian Section of the IVR will meet at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon on Sunday, May 27, 2007.

The following topics for the 2007 meeting were proposed at the meeting last year at York University:

Papers on the theme (Law and Legal Cultures) or workshops (e.g., The Future of Positivism) of the 23 IVR World Congress Krakow, August 1-6, 2007 are also welcome. Click here for details.


To help with organizing, please send paper titles, abstracts, or a commitment to do a commentary to the Executive Director, Nathan Brett.

Papers and commentaries should be sent to Bob Bright, who will make them available to members in a number of formats on the CS-IVR web site.


NOTE: Access to the files listed below is restricted to members of the CS-IVR and guests who plan to attend the meetings in Saskatoon. To download the files, please contact Bob Bright for a username and password.

NOTE 2: Each paper and commentary is available in PDF, MS Word, RTF, and HTML formats. The multiple versions are as similar as the idiosyncracies of different software packages and computing platforms will allow. The "canonical" version of each paper and commentary is the PDF version; please use this version if possible, since it guarantees consistent pagination across platforms.

PROGRAM (last updated 25 May 2007):

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