CS-IVR 2008 Annual Meeting

The Canadian Section of the IVR will meet at the University of British Columbia on Sunday, June 1, 2008 in the Irving K. Barker Learning Centre, Room 461.

This year's topics are:


To help with organizing, please send paper titles, abstracts, or a commitment to do a commentary to the Executive Director, Nathan Brett.

Finished papers and commentaries should also be sent to Nathan, who will make them available to members in a number of formats on the CS-IVR web site (see the links at the bottom of this page).

Preliminary list of Principal Papers (in alphabetical order):

International Corporate Law and Human Rights
1. Wes Cragg (York University) "Business and Human Rights: A principle and value based analysis"

2. Joe Ellin (Western Michigan) TBA

Women and the Law
3. Elisabeth Gedge, (McMaster University) "Dignity and Harm"

Judicial Review
4. Norman Madarasz (Universidade Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) "Patriotic Constitutionalism and the Post-Secular Society: on the question of "reasonable accommodation" in Quebec"

5. Josh Mildenerger, (McMaster University) "Hart, Fuller, and the Tension between Legal Validity and Retroactivity"

6. Colin McLeod, (University of Victoria) “Against Persons as Property”

7. Mark Ramsay (Acadia University) TBA

8. David Rondell (McMaster University) "Raz on Authority and Democracy"

Privacy and Communication Rights
9. Roger A. Shiner and Sarah Weaver, (UBC) "Media Concentration, Communications Rights and Freedom of Expression"

10. Sheldon Wein (St Mary's University) TBA

11. Nathan Brett (Dalhousie University)
12. Jeremy P Livingston (McMaster University)
13. Kenneth Nickel (UWO)


NOTE: Access to the files listed below is restricted to members of the CS-IVR and guests who plan to attend the meetings in Vancouver. To download the files, please contact the Webmaster for a username and password.

NOTE 2: Each paper and commentary is available in PDF and MS Word formats. The multiple versions are as similar as the idiosyncracies of different software packages and computing platforms will allow. The "canonical" version of each paper and commentary is the PDF version; please use this version if possible, since it guarantees consistent pagination across platforms.


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