Meeting of the Canadian Section of the IVR

Carleton University in Ottawa

Sunday, May 24, 2009.

For 2009 the international meeting in Beijing the IVR has chosen as its theme “Global Harmony and the Rule of Law.” The Canadian Section of the IVR has adopted related themes for its meeting in Ottawa. The following themes are suggested, though work in progress is also welcome.

Topics for the Ottawa 2009 Meeting:


To help with organizing, please send to nbrett@dal.ca a note indicating that you intend to present a principal paper or commentary as soon as you know that you are planning to attend. Titles or subjects of papers would also be appreciated. A reminder will be sent in early February.

Papers and commentaries should be sent to the same address. Details about the website will be sent in a future communication.

Please forward this to others who may be interested.

Nathan Brett (nbrett@dal.ca)
Executive Director
Canadian Section: IVR

Preliminary Schedule

Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario
Sunday, May 24, 2009

Location: MacOdrum Library Room 360

PDF version of this Schedule (for printing)pdf.gif

9:00 Introductions

Free Speech and Ethnic Diversity

9:05 Alistair Macleod (Queens) "Free Speech, Equality of Opportunity, and Justice."

  • Comment: David Rondel

9:30 Joe Ellin (W. Michigan) "Are Free Speech And Multicultural Diversity Compatible?"

  • Comment: Chris Gray, Nathan Brett, Marc Ramsay

9:55 Mohamad Al-Hakim (York): Subject: Hate Crime

  • Comment: Nathan Brett

10:20 SHORT Break 10 Minutes

Markets, Environmental Law, Global Justice

10:30 Wes Cragg (York) Sustainability and Human Rights

  • Comment: Alistair McLeod

10:55 Albert Spalding (Wayne State) "Can (Enforceable) Minimum Ethical Standards for Accountants be Established Globally?"

  • Comment:

11: 20 Lucan Gregory (McGill) The ICJ Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinion

  • Comment:

11:45 Annual Business Meeting

12:15 Lunch

International Law and The Nature of law

1:30 Bill Conklin (Windsor) "The International Community of Peremptory Norms"

  • Comment:

1:55 John-Otto Phillips (McMaster) "Legal Positivism and a Third Category of Judicial Obligation"

  • Comment: Courtney Hamara

2:20 Courtney Hamara (McMaster) "The Concept of the Rule of Law."

  • Comment: Colin Macleod, Mohamad Al-Hakim

Women and Global Justice

2:45 Ami Harbin (Dalhousie University) "Vulnerability and Forward-Looking Responsibility after Young"

  • Comment: Mohamad Al-Hakim, Colin MacLeod

3:10 Meredith Schwartz, (Dalhousie University) "Responsibility and Respect: Using a Social Connection Model of Responsibility in the Context of Health Inequalities"

  • Comment:

3:35 SHORT Break 10 Minutes

Other Work in Progress

3:45 David Rondel (McMaster) "On the Logic of Moral Congruence"

  • Comment: Alistair McLeod, Colin MacLeod

4:10 Marc Ramsay (Acadia) "The Moral Standing of the Human Embryo: A Criticism of the Twinning and Fusion Arguments"

  • Comment:

4:35 Susan Dimock (York) "The Responsibility of Intoxicated Offenders"

  • Comment:

5:00 END

7:00 Dinner


Note: Often participants who circulate papers also provide one or two short commentaries. In addition, the following have volunteered to act as commentators:

  • Nathan Brett (Dalhousie)
  • Michael Hinds (McMaster)
  • Norman Madarasz (UGF, Brazil)
  • Joshua Mildenberger (McMaster)
  • François Tanguay-Renaud (Osgoode)
  • Christopher Gray (Concordia)
  • Colin Macleod (Victoria)