PHIL 3/429: Kant's Ethics (Winter 2020)

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Course Announcements

  • Please note that some suggestions for the first reading analysis (and perhaps the first essay for students in 429) has been posted in above link.

  • For Tuesday, January 28: We will continue in Section II and discuss the four examples and the CI formula of the end in itself. If we have time, I also start talking about Kant's account of human freedom. (This will take us briefly into section III---up to 4:454).

  • January 21: For Thursday (Jan 23) read Section II of the Groundwork up to just after the second set of four examples that Kant gives of the application of the Categorical Imperative (4:431). If you are pressed for time, focus on 4:421 to 4:431 (the two sets of four examples).

  • January 14 (Tuesday): For Thursday this week we will be looking at Section I (and if time Section II) of the Groundwork. Read---if you haven't already---at least Section I (4:393 - 4:405).

  • If you have not been able to get the course textbook, here is a recent, public doman translation of the Goundwork. It includes the Academy page numbering which might make it easier to follow along than other public domain etexts which tend not to have this feature.

  • January 7: Next class we will continue with my introduction. Also, it would be good to start reading the Preface and Section I (pp. 43-49ff, Academy page numbers 4:387 - 4:393ff) of the Groundwork. We may start discussing this toward the end of next class (Thursday). We will start looking at this next Tuesday (Jan. 14).