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January 1997 - June 1997

No. 21 ISSN 0256 - 937X

Editor: Carla Faralli, University of Bologna, Italy. Associate Editors: Francesco Belvisi, University of Modena, Italy; Pierluigi Chiassoni, University of Genoa, Italy. IVR Web Master: Giovanni Ziccardi, CIRFID, University of Bologna, Italy. This issue was compiled with the help of Mario Luberto.

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Section One: IVR Announcements. 18th IVR World Congress (La Plata/Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 10-15, 1997), p. 1. 19th IVR World Congress (New York, USA, June 25-30, 1999), p. 5. 20th IVR World Congress (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 20-24, 2001), p. 5. Proceedings of 17th IVR World Congress (Bologna, June 16-21, 1995), p. 5. Section Two: IVR Chronological Summaries and Reminders. IVR Future Events, p. 6. Reminders, p. 6. Section Three: National Sections News, Announcements and Records. Bulgaria, p. 7. Finland, p. 7. Japan, p. 7. Norway, p. 7. Poland, p. 7. Romania, p. 8.



1. Congress Web site.

Detailed informations concerning IVR's 18th World Congress may be found in the WEB site http://www.ivrworldcongress.com.ar .

2. The Congress has been declared an event of national interest.

By Resolution of the General Secretariat of the Office of the President of Argentina, IVR's 18th World Congress has been declared an event of national interest.

3. The Congress has been declared an event of provincial and municipal interest.

By a Decree of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires IVR's 18th World Congress has been declared an event of provincial interest.The Municipality of the City of La Plata has declared IVR's 18th World Congress an event of municipal interest.

4. Presentation of papers to be read at the meeting.

The deadline to submit papers to be read at the meeting is June 15, 1997. Only papers received by that date will be included in the CD Rom to be delivered on the Congress opening day. Consequently, papers received after such deadline will not be included in the CD Rom, although they may be read and discussed. All papers will be considered for possible post-Congress publication. Papers may be sent as follows: by mail to the headquarters of Asociación Argentina de Filosofía del Derecho y Filosofía Social, Calle 37 No. 268 (entre 1 y 115), 1900, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Phone: (54-21) 24-2503. Fax: (54-21) 25-8816.

E-Mail attachment to the following addresses:

aarfilde@interprov.com .

comivr97@interprov.com .

5. Recommendations.

5.1. Air Tickets: Make your reservations in advance due to the fact that, as it is the high season, there may be difficulties in obtaining bookings.

5.2. Hotel Accomodation

a) Buenos Aires: Request reservations from the Congress travel agent: Hispanya Viajes S.R.L., San José 21, 1076 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone and Fax: (54-1) 384-8011.

b) La Plata: Request reservations from Asociación Argentina de Filosofía del Derecho y Filosofía Social (phone (54-21) 24-2503, and fax: (54-21) 25-8816), or contact hotels directly by fax. The following is a list of the hotels available in the City of La Plata.






(54-21) 256800 through 256806

(54-21) 256905


(54-21) 229090 through 229093

(54-21) - 229090 through 229093


(54-21) - 222249/

227202 /229322

(54-21) - 222249/

227202 /229322


(54-21) - 241489

(54-21) -241489


(54-21) 27 0177

(54-21) 27 0177


6. Agenda for IVR's 18th World Congress.

Saturday, August 9, 1997

3.30 P.M. Meeting of IVR's Executive Committee at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.) Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires.

Sunday, August 10, 1997

Arrival of Congress participants in the City of La Plata. Transportation to hotels.
9.00-11.00 A.M. Participants' enrollment and enrollment confirmations. Delivery of Congress Documents.

11.30 A.M. Congress Opening Ceremony: Golden Lounge of the La Plata City Hall, 12th Street between 15th and 53rd, La Plata.

3.00-7.00 P.M. I) Plenary Session

Papers read by Professors Aulis Aarnio, Elías Díaz, Robert Summers and Jean Louis Gardies.

9.00 P.M. Reception for participants and accompanying persons.
Monday August 11, 1997

At the School of Law, University of Buenos Aires Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires.

10.00 A.M. - 1.00 P.M. I) Plenary Session

Papers read by Professors Yasutomo Morigiwa, Stanley Paulson and Paolo Comanducci.

3.30 P.M. IVR Meeting of the Presidents of IVR National Sections at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.) Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires.

Tuesday August 12, 1997

At the School of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires.

10.00 A.M. - 1.00 P.M. I) Plenary Session

Papers read by Professors Albert Calsamiglia, Andrew Jones and Ernesto Garzón Valdés.

3.00-7.00 P.M. II) Simultaneous Sessions

1st Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Ota Weinberger, Lars Lindahl, David Makinson, Ricardo Guibourg and Cristina Redondo.

2nd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Rex Martin, Riccardo Guastini, Letizia Gianformaggio, Elspeth Attwooll and Julio César Castiglione

3rd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Roberto Vernengo, Eduardo Rabossi, Wojciech Sadurski and Pablo López Ruf.

III) Meeting of the different workshops

3.30 P.M. IVR Nomination Committee meeting at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.) Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires.

Wednesday August 13, 1997

Rest- Barbecue in an "estancia" in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Thursday August 14, 1997

At the School of Law and Social Sciences, University of La Plata 48th street between 6th and 7th streets, La Plata.
10.00 A.M. - 1.00 P.M. I) Plenary Session

Papers read by Professors K. B. Agrawal, Javier Murugueza and Liudmila Lapteva.

3.00-7.00 P.M. II) Simultaneous Sessions

1st Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Enrico Pattaro, Juan Carlos Smith, Aleksander Peczenik, Wesley Cragg and Jes Bjarup.

2nd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Antonio Martino, José Juan Moreso, Eugenio Bulygin, Pablo Navarro and Daniel Mendonça.

3rd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Rodolfo Vigo, Ana Castro de Cabanillas, Vladik Nersessiants, Ignacio Massini and Irina Babich.

III) Meeting of the different workshops

Friday August 15, 1997

At the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, University of La Plata 48th street between 6th and 7th streets, La Plata.
10.00 A.M. - 1.00 P.M. I) Plenary Session

Papers read by Professors Itaru Shimazu, Raphael Akanmidu and Julio Cueto Rúa.

3.00-7.00 P.M. II) Simultaneous Sessions.

1st Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Manuel Atienza, Leonid Mamout, Mario Portela, Werner Krawietz and Nicolás Etcheverry.

2nd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Antonio E. Pérez Luño, Juan Ruiz Manero, Olsen Ghirardi, Alfredo Ves Lozada and Oscar Sarlo.

3rd Simultaneous Session:

Papers read by Professors Mikael Karlsson, Ariel Alvarez Gardiol, Vladimir Tschetvernin, Massimo La Torre, Ignacio Ara Pinilla and Abel Aristegui.

III) Meeting of the different workshops

8.00 P.M. - Closing Session. Delivery of certificates.

10.00 P.M. - Farewell Dinner

7. Issues to be considered and members of the different workshops.

The Legal System: i. Norm and Action; ii. Legal Language and Interpretation; iii. Sources of Law, Principle and Hierarchies.

President: Olsen A. Ghirardi (Córdoba). Vice-Presidents: Ariel Alvarez Gardiol (Rosario), Agustín Squella Narducci (Valparaiso). Coordinators: Oscar Sarlo Oneto (Montevideo), Gastón Lhomme (Mar del Plata).

Argumentation and Justification: i. Reasons for Action; ii. Legal Reasoning; iii. Justification of Judicial Decisions.

President: Ana Castro de Cabanillas (Córdoba). Vice-Presidents: Julio C. Castiglione (Sgo. del Estero), Mario A. Portela (Mar del Plata). Coordinators: Alfredo Fernández Vicente (Montevideo), Carlos Enrique Pettoruti (La Plata).

Legal Logic: i. Normative Logic; ii. Theory of Static Systems; iii. Theory of Dynamic Systems.

President: Enrico Pattaro (Italy). Vice-President: Eugenio Bulygin (Buenos Aires). Coordinators: Ricardo A. Guibourg (Buenos Aires), Ricardo Guarinoni (Buenos Aires).

Law and Computer Sciences: i. Theoretical Bases of Computer Sciences; ii. Databases and Change of Theories; iii Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.

President: Roberto Vernengo (Buenos Aires). Vice-Presidents: Antonio Martino (Pisa), Dante Cracogna (Buenos Aires). Coordinators: Carlos Alberto Tau (La Plata), Clara Patricia Smith (La Plata).

Ethics, Justice and Law: i. Human Rights, Bioethics and Environment; ii. Critical Theories of Law; iii. Justice and Natural Law.

President: Carlos Ignacio Massini (Mendoza). Vice-Presidents: Pedro Federico Hooft (Mar del Plata), Juan Alfredo Casaubón (Buenos Aires). Coordinators: Héctor Negri (Lomas de Zamora), Julio Raúl Méndez (Salta), Carlos Cárcova (Buenos Aires).

Political and Social Philosophy: i. State Functions and Resolution of Conflicts; ii. Authority, Democracy and Representation; iii. Sovereignty, National State and Supranational Order.

President: Jan M. Broekman (Lovain). Vice-President: Abel Aristegui (La Plata). Coordinators: Alfredo Ves Lozada (La Plata), Miguel Angel Ciuro Caldani (Rosario).

8. List of participants at IVR's 18th World Congress as at April 30, 1997.

AARNIO Aulis (Finland); AGRAWAL K. B. (India); AKANMIDU Rapahel A. (Nigeria); ALBRECHT Sofia Mentz (Brazil); ALEXY Robert (Germany); ALIPRANTIS Nikitas (Greece); ALVAREZ Gardiol (Argentina); AMSELEK Paul (France); ANCAROLA Gerardo (Argentina); AQUIST Lennart (Sweden); ARA PINILLA Ignacio (Spain); ARREDONDO Cristina (Argentina); ARISTEGUI Abel Javier (Argentina); ATIENZA Manuel (Spain); ATTWOOLL Elspeth (United Kingdom); AVILA Gabriel (Argentina); AVIO Kenneth (Canada); BABICH Irina (Russia); BALATSENG Debora (South Africa); BARBAROSCH Eduardo (Argentina); BARCESAT Eduardo Salvador (Argentina); BARDEN Garret (Ireland); BARRERA José Nicasio (Argentina); BENSTZON Agnete (Denmark); BEPARI Halim (Bangladesh); BERSIER LAVADA Nicoletta (Switzerland); BINDREITER Uta (Sweden); BISSO Carlos Enrique (Argentina); BJARUP Jes (Sweden); BLUME Peter (Denmark); BOBBIO Norberto (Italy); BORGA Ernesto Eduardo (Argentina); BROEKMAN Jan (Belgium); BRÖSTL Alexander (Slovak Republic); BULYGIN Eugenio (Argentina); CALSAMIGLIA Alberto (Spain); CARCOVA Carlos (Argentina); CASAUBON Juan Alfredo (Argentina); CASTIGLIONE Julio César (Argentina); CASTIGLIONE Mario (Spain); CASTRO CABANILLAS Ana (Spain); CASTRO TOLEDO Beatriz (Spain); CERATO José (Argentina); CIURO CALDANI Miguel Angel (Argentina); CLERICO María Laur (Germany); COHEN ALMAGOR Raphael (Israel); COMANDUCCI Paolo (Italy); CORVALAN Horacio E (Argentina); CRACOGNA Dante (Argentina) CRAGG Wesley (Canada); CRAIOVAN Ion (Romania); CUETO RUA Julio (Argentina); DAIS Eugene (Canada); DAL POZZO Francesco (Italy); DAVES DE MARCOTULIO Graciela del Valle (Argentina); DENIS Edward (Hong Kong); DÍAZ Elías (Spain); DREIR Ralf (Germany); DURAN y LALAGUNA Paloma (Spain); ECHEVERRY Nicolás (Uruguay); FALCON y TELLA María José (Spain); FARALLI Carla (Italy); FARRELL Martín (Argentina); FERNANDEZ LEMOINT María Rosa (Argentina); FERNANDEZ VICENTE Alfredo (Uruguay); FERRARI Vincenzo (Italy); FINOCCHIARO Giusella (Italy); FRÄNDBERG Ake (Sweden); GALATI José María (Argentina); GARDELLA Lorenzo A. (Argentina); GARDIES Jean Louis (France); GARSTKA Hansjuergen (Germany); GARZON VALDES Ernesto (Germany); GASKILL Thomas (Japan); GEORGE Alexandra (Australia); GEORGIADON Anna (Greece); GHIRARDI Olsen Antonio (Argentina); GIANFORMAGGIO Letizia (Italy); GUARINONI Ricardo (Argentina); GUASTINI Riccardo (Italy); GUIBOURG Ricardo (Argentina); GUMBIS Jaunius (Republic of Lithuania); HALTTUNEN Rauno Antero (Finland); HEATH Eugene (United States); HENRICHSEN Carsten (Denmark); HERRERA ZGAIB Miguel Angel (Colombia); HERRERA Carlos Miguel (France); HOLMSTROM-HINTIKKA (Finland); HOOFT Pedro Federico (Argentina); JOFRE de Finocchio (Argentina); KALDIS Byron (United Kingdom); KAPTEIN Hendrik (Holland); KARKOUB Ahmed (United Kingdom); KARLSSON Mikael (Island); KETSCHER Kirsten (Denmark); KRAWIETZ Werner (Germany); LAAKSO Seppo (Finland); LACHMAYER Friedrich (Austria); LACLAU Martín (Argentina); LAFRANCE Guy (Canada); LANG Wiseslaw (Poland); LA TORRE Massimo (Italy); LESCANO Roberto Jorge (Argentina); LINDHAL Lars (Sweden); LLOMPART José (Japan); LOPATKA Adam (Poland); LOPEZ RUF Pablo (Argentina); LOPEZ María Teresa (Argentina); LUIZZI Vincent (United States); MACCORMICK Neil (United Kingdom); MACKINSON David (United Kingdom); MADILE Juan Alberto (Argentina); MADRID Raúl (Chile); MAGGIO Luis Anibal (Argentina); MAMOUT Leonid (Russia); MANSON Manuel (Chile); MARCOTULLIO Miguel Eduardo (Argentina); MARTIN Rex (United States); MARTINO Antonio (Italy); MASSINI CORREAS Carlos Ignacio (Argentina); MATSUO Hiroshi (Japan); MAZZARESE Tecla (Italy); MELKVIT Bjarne (Canada); MENDEZ Julio Raúl (Argentina); MENDONÇA Daniel (Paraguay); MEYER Lukas (Germany); MILLALEO HERNANDEZ Salvador Andrés (Chile); MONTGOMERY John Warwick (United Kingdom); MORESO José Juan (Spain); MORIGIWA Yasutomo (Japan); MORIMURA Susumu (Japan); MUGUERZA Javier (Spain); MUNAGORRI Rafael (Canada); NEELY Alfred (United States); NERSESSIANTS Vladic (Russia); NIELSEN Torben Ilvio (Norway ); NIEMI Matti Ilmari (Finland); OIKAWA Shin (Japan); OLADOSU Adejare (Nigeria); OLSEN Henrik Pumer (Denmark); ONETO Oscar Sarlo (Uruguay); PATTARO Enrico (Italy); PAULSON Stanley (United States); PAVCNIK Marijan (Slovenia); PECZENICK Alexander (Sweden); PÉREZ LUÑO Antonio Enrique (Spain); PEREZ Diego (Brazil); PETORUTTI Carlos (Argentina); PETRUSSON Ulf (Switzerland); PORTELA Mario (Argentina); POZZOLO Susanna (Italy); PTESZKA Krzysztof (Poland); RABENEICK Eckhard (Germany); RAHMAN HABIB Mohammad (Bangladesh); REALE Miguel (Brasil); RIVAS VIEIRA José (Brazil); ROBLES MORCHON Gregorio (Spain); ROENSHOLDT Steen (Denmark); ROONEY John (United States); RUBIO CARRACEDO José (Spain); RUIZ MANERO Juan (Spain); RUIZ Alicia Enriqueta C. (Argentina); SADURSKY Wojciech (Australia); SALDANHA Nelson Nogueira (Brazil); SAMPAIO FERRAZ Tercio (Brazil); SANCHEZ DE LUBEL Zelly María (Argentina); SANDLER Héctor Raúl (Argentina); SCHAEFER Michael (EUI); SEGURA Héctor Hugo (Argentina); SELLERS Mortimer (EUI); SERNA Pedro (Spain); SHELEFF León (Israel); SHIMAZU Itaru (Japan); SHÜNEMANN Bernd (Germany); SMITH Juan Carlos (Argentina); SIECKMANN Jan (Germany); SOETEMAN Arena (The Netherlands); SOLER Gustavo T. (Argentina); SQUELLA NARDUCCI Agustin (Chile); STUDINICKI Gizbert (Poland); STUECK Hege (Germany); SUAREZ Eloy Emiliano (Argentina); SUMMERS Robert (United States); SVENSSON Eva María (Sweden); TALLACCHINI Mariachiara (Italy); TAMAYO SALMORAN Rolando (Mexico); TAMM Ditlev (Denmark); TAY Alice (Australia); TINANT Eduardo Luis (Argentina); TOEPEL Friedrich (Germany); TOKARCZYK Roman (Poland); TÖLLBORG Dennis (Sweden); TORRES Ricardo Lobo (Brazil); TUGNOLI Sandra (Italy); VALCHEV Daniel (Bulgaria); VAN ROERMUND Bert (The Netherlands); VARGA Csaba (Hungary); VERNENGO Roberto (Argentina); VERZA Annalisa (Italy); VES LOSADA Alfredo Eduardo (Argentina); VIGO Rodolfo Luis (Argentina); VILANOVA José Manuel (Argentina); VILLAR BORDA Luis (Colombia); VINDELOEV Vibeke (Denmark); VIOLA Francesco (Italy); VISEGRADY Antal (Hungary); VON WRIGHT George Henrik (Finland); WAKABAYASHY Yasuo (Japan); WALTER Robert (Austria); WEINBERGER Ota (Austria); WELLMAN Carl (United States); WOLCHER Louis (United States); WOOD David (Australia); WYDUCKEL Dieter (Germany); ZAHLE Henrik (Denmark).


First Announcement

The Organizing Commitee of IVR-99 is pleased to announce that plans are well advanced for the 1999 World Congress that is to be held in New York City from the 25th to the 30th of June, 1999 at the campus of Pace University in lower Manhattan.

The theme of the Congress: The Transformation of Legal Systems and Economies in an Age of Regional and Global Interdependence.

The program tentatively includes the following sub-topics: 1.The Impact of Scientific Discovery and Technological Advances on Economic and Legal Institutions. 2. Multicultural Perspectives on Legal Reasoning, Epistemology, and Moral and Legal Norms. 3. The Transformation of Fundamental Legal Concepts: Sovereignty, Property, Personal and National Security, the Laws of War and Peace. 4. New Regional and International Alliances, the Amalgamation and Dissolution of Empires: Social, Economic, and Legal Implications. 5. International Business, Finance, and Industry: Evolving Concepts of Business Ethics and Law. 6. Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Liberal Democracy: Freedom of Speech, the Press, Assembly, and Religion, and Evolving Concepts of Due Process and Equal Protection of the Laws. 7. The World of Nature and Natural Resources: Evolving National and International Norms. 8. Juridical Models: Old and New Constitutions and Political Systems. 9. Human Population Movements: National Borders, Asylum, Refuge, and Citizenship. 10. The Impact of Customary and Religious Law. 11. The Rights of Women, Indigenous Peoples, Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities. 12. Human Rights: Individual Liberty and Government Authority; the Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights of Groups. Some of these topics will be the focus of plenary and parallel sessions.

The Program Committee invites members of the IVR and its constituent organizations to submit nominations of persons they believe should be invited to speak at plenary and parallel sessions. Such nominations should be submitted as soon as possible to the Program Committee at this address: IVR-99, 105 Dow Hall, Pace University, Briarcliff Manor, New York 10510, USA.

Phone: (914) 923-2637; Fax: (914) 923-2676; E-Mail: leiser@pacevm.dac.pace.edu .

If you would like to be on the mailing list for future announcements and other correspondence, please send your name and address to the same office.

Burton M. Leiser, Chairman

IVR-99 Organizing Committee


The 20th IVR World Congress is to be held in Amsterdam in 2001, and its topic is "Pluralism and Law". Some subthemes. (1) Justice: Human rights, Universal and local justice, Collective and minority rights, Globalizing the welfare state and pluralism; (2) The State: State, nation and world, Federalism, Relationship between international law and national law; (3) Global problems: Migration (political, economic), Development law and plurality of cultures; (4) Legal reasoning: Universal and particular aspects of legal reasoning, Legal reasoning and plurality of values, Legal expert systems.

Some organizing details. Congress Venue. Amsterdam, Free University, Tuesday 20 - Saturday 24 June, 2001. Daily programme. Estimated number of participants: 600. Speakers. 12 speakers for plenary sessions; 12 speakers for semi-plenary sessions. Workshops. Number: 432 (3 papers p/hour; 12 parallel-sessions; 3 hours a day; 4 days). Schedule: 9-11: plenary sessions (2 speakers); 11.30-12.30: workshops; 13.30-14.30: semi-plenary sessions (3 speakers); 14.30-16.30: workshops; 17.00-18.00: plenary session (1 speaker); Congress Dinner: Saturday; Excursions: Sunday. Organisation Committee: Arend Soeteman (President of the Committee), Ton Hol (President of the Dutch section), Roel de Lange, Cees Maris, Theo Rosier. Address: A. Soeteman, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel: +31-20-4446252, fax: +31-20-4446210, E-Mail: A.Soeteman@Rechten.VU.NL .


The Proceedings of the 17th World Congress of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy indexed in the last issue of the Newsletter will shortly be available. Members interested in receiving them should send any enquiries for ARSP to Franz Stainer Verlag Stuttgart, Birkenvaldestraße 44, D-70191 Stuttgart (Germany), for Rechtstheorie to Duncker & Humblot, Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 9, 1000 Berlin 41 (Germany), for European Journal of Law, Philosophy and Computer Science to Clueb, Via Marsala, 24, 40100 Bologna (Italy).

Below we publish the Preface to the volumes of the Proceedings by Enrico Pattaro, IVR President.

It is a great pleasure and an honour for me to present the proceedings of the 17th World Congress of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR) held in Bologna from 16th to 21st June 1995. Over seven hundred scholars from all five continents took part in the Congress, which was structured in four plenary sessions, six parallel sessions, a special session devoted to document logistics (legal and civic computer science applications), and eighty-one working groups.

The IVR was founded in 1909 and now counts over three thousand members in 44 sections located all over the world. Forthcoming congresses will be held in La Plata/Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1997, New York (USA) in 1999, and Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2001. As current President of IVR, and a member for 30 years, I am happy to see that by 2001 the Association will have reached its 20th official World Congress.

The goal of the 17th World Congress was to focus on the major legal, political and social issues currently addressed by legal and social philosophy. This was reflected in its far-reaching, stimulating title, "Challenges to Law at the End of the 20th Century".

Congress papers were grouped under four main topics: "Rights and other legal protections"; "New forms of sovereignty and citizenship"; "New and ancient sources of law";"Technology and the environment". The debate focussed on the latest issues tackled by the legal and social philosophy milieu. First and foremost, a strictly formalist concept of law no longer fulfills the need to safeguard equality and protect basic human rights. In addition, the notions of sovereignty and citizenship have been reassessed in relation to the crisis of the nation state and the globalisation of economic and cultural problems alongside the tension between the idea of sovereignty and the inviolability of human rights.

The wide-ranging topic of the sources of law was also handled by many speakers, as was the relation between the theory of interpretation and the theory of sources, weighing "sceptic" theories against "cognitive" theories of interpretation and comparing different legal systems in historical terms and from a comparative law standpoint.

Last but not least, a number of speakers discussed the problem of the protection of rights with a view to revising traditional cultural categories in the wake of burgeoning technological development. Topics ranged from bioethics to environmental protection, the problems of computer science applications to law and the issue of legislative technique in relation to the computerization of law.

The Proceedings of the Bologna Congress are published in part by ARSP (Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany), in part by Rechtstheorie (Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, Germany), and in part by The European Journal of Law, Philosophy and Computer Science (Clueb, Bologna, Italy).

ARSP publishes four volumes: "Rights" - Beiheft 67 (eds. Rex Martin and Gerhard Sprenger, introduction by Zenon Bankowski and Burkhard Schaefer), "Law, Justice and Culture" - Beiheft 68 (eds. André-Jean Arnaud and Peter Koller, introduction by Tom Campbell), "The Sources of Law and Legislation" - Beiheft 69 (eds. Elspeth M. Attwooll and Paolo Comanducci, introduction by Joxerramon Bengoextea), and "Legal Systems and Legal Science" - Beiheft 70 (eds. Marijan Pavcnik and Gianfrancesco Zanetti, introduction by Hendrik Ph. Visser't Hooft).

Rechtstheorie publishes three volumes: "Rule of Law - Political and Legal Systems in Transition" - Beiheft 17 (eds. Werner Krawietz, Enrico Pattaro, Alice Ehr-Soon Tay, introduction by Ota Weinbeger), "Changing Structures in Modern Legal Systems and the Legal State Ideology" - Beiheft 18 (eds. Eugenio Bulygin, Burton M. Leiser, Mark Van Hoecke, introduction by Aulis Aarnio), and "Consequences of Modernity in Contemporary Legal Theory" - Beiheft 19 (eds. Eugene E. Dais, Roberta Kevelson, Jan M. Van Dunné, introduction by Dieter Wyduckel).

The European Journal of Law, Philosophy and Computer Science publishes three volumes: Volumes 1 and 2 (eds. Alberto Artosi, Manuel Atienza, Hajime Yoshino, introduction by Neil MacCormick) "Practical Reason. History of Deontics. Computer Law and Legal Computer Science", and Volume 3 (eds. Ralf Dreier, Carla Faralli, Wladik S. Nersessiants, introduction by Roberto Vernengo) "Law and Politics Between Nature and History".

On behalf of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy, I would like to thank all those who have worked on the editing of these Proceedings.

Enrico Pattaro

IVR President



  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 9, 1997: IVR EC Meeting.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 11, 1997: Meeting of the Presidents of IVR National Sections.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 12, 1997: IVR Nomination Committee Meeting.
  • La Plata/Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 10-15, 1997: 18th IVR World Congress.
  • New York, USA, June 25-30, 1999: 19th IVR World Congress.
  • New York, USA, June 1999: IVR EC Meeting.
  • New York, USA, June 1999: IVR Nomination Committee Meeting.
  • New York, USA, June 1999: Meeting of the Presidents of IVR National Sections.
  • New York, USA, June 1999: IVR General Assembly.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 20-24, 2001: 20th IVR World Congress.

  • The IVR Web site has been operating since June 1996 at the URL address http://www.cirfid.unibo.it/ivr/ . To date, however, only three National Sections (Japan, Finland and Germany) have updated their web pages with information on their national sections. We invite all the other National Sections to use the IVR Web site and to contact our Web Master Giovanni Ziccardi, for any information at the following E-Mail address: ziccardi@cirfid.unibo.it .
  • The National Sections which have not regularly paid their dues are urged to pay as soon as possible to IVR Account no. 020 2500119, Deutsche Bank SpA, Via Marconi 13, I-40122 Bologna, Italy, Deutitmmpad ABI 3104 CAB 2400.
  • EC members who have not yet done so are invited to send their curricula according to the format of those published in the last issues of the IVR Newsletter.
  • The National Sections which have not yet done so are invited to send their lists of members.

    We print below the news, announcements and records (including the lists of the members) we received from the National Sections by June 1, 1997. The National Sections of IVR are urged to send regular information which should be divided into the three categories "News", "Announcements" and "Records" in line with the format of the IVR Web page.


    News: A spring round table of the Bulgarian Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy took place in May at "St. Clement Ohridsky" University, Sofia, on the topic Philosophy of General Theory of Law, including also: Law Education and General Theory of Law and Philosophy of Law; Law and Postmodernity; Legal Argumentation and interplay between these areas.

    Recent publications. Neno Nenovsky, in co-operation with Zivko Stalev,Constitutional Court and Legal Action of Its Decisions; Gueorgui Boitchev, Legal Liability; Gueorgui Boitchev, Rule of Law; Rossen Tashev, New Sources of Bulgarian Law; Daniel Valtchev, State Power and National Sovereignty; Orlin Borisov, European Law.


    News. The E-Mail address of the Finnish National Section is issofyry@cc.helsinki.fi .


    Announcements.The annual conference of the Japan Association of Legal Philosophy (JALP) will take place 7-8 November 1997, at Aichi University, in suburban Nagoya, on the theme of Philosophy of Law in the 20th Century. The organizer of the discussion is Tsuchiya Kei-ichiro (Meiji Univ.). The conference will be conducted in a special format this year. There will be seven section each of which will discuss an important aspect or strand of thought in the philosophy of law of this century. The producer of each section will propose not only the speakers and the topics to be discussed, but also the mode of presentation. Some may take the traditional form of a main speaker with a commentator, while others may have three or more discussants on the topic comprising a mini-symposium. The proposals, having been discussed and approved by the Executive Committee, are now being fleshed out. The participants will get toghether in July for a dry run. The producer for each section and the finalized topics are: Tsuchiya Kei-ichiro, Philosophy of Law in the Context of the Establishment of the Institutionalized World; Kamemoto Hiroshi, Die Lebenspolitik; Imai Hiromichi, Marxism after Marxism as Political Alternative; Matsuura Yoshiharu, Twentieth Century Jurisprudence and the Welfare State; Inoue Tatsuo, The Universality and Relativity of Human Rights. There will be no papers read outside the conference theme this year. The proceedings will be published in a special volume of The Annals of the Japan Association of Legal Philosophy. For more information, please contact Prof. Yamazaki, Secretary General of IVR, at the address below or:

    yamazaki@cs.cla.kobe-u.ac.jp .

    The 1998 conference will commenorate the 50th anniversary of the Japan Association of Legal Philosophy (JALP). The conference theme is Fifty Years of Legal Philosophy in Japan. Dates and more information will be announced in the next Newsletter. In the mean time, please address queries and suggestions to the organizer, Prof. Matsuura Yoshiharu at: the School of Law, Osaka University, Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, 569, Japan, or: matsuura@law.osaka-u.ac.jp .

    Records. We amend the records published in the last issue on the following two points:

    1) The secretary for IVR Japan, Yamazaki Yasushi, can now be reached via E-Mail at: yamazaki@cs.cla.kobe-u.ac.jp ;

    2) Prof. Anan Seiichi has withdrawn from IVR Japan.


    News. Postal communications to Norse Forening for Retts NFRf (Norwegian Society for Legal Philosophy) should be sent directly to its chairman, cand. jur. Johan Bernhard Hjort. The mailing address is: NFRf, c/o chairman Johan Bernhard Hjort, Johannes Bruns gate 9, N-0452 Oslo, Norway. E-Mail: JOHAN.HJORT@FIN.DEP.TELEMAX.NO .


    Announcements. The Polish IVR Section arranges every two years a national conference, usually connected with a general assembly of the members of the section The last conference took place on November 9, 1996, in Lodz. The theme for papers presentations and discussion was Theoretical and Philosophical Problems of the Judicial Application of Law. Members delivered 20 contributions (a volume will be published in 1997). The next conference will take place in Lublin, 1998.

    Records. Current Officials. President: Marek Zirk-Sadowski, Faculty of Law, University of Lodz, St. Uniwersytecka 3, Lodz, Poland, fax: 4842-325874, 784533. Vice-President: Malgorzata Krol, Faculty of Low, University of Lodz, St. Uniwersytecka 3, Lodz, Poland, fax: 4842-325874, 784533. Treasurer: Leszek Pszczolkowski, Faculty of Law, University of Lodz, St. Uniwersytecka 3, Lodz, Poland, fax 4842-325874, 784533.


    News: The major event of 1996 was the general meeting of the Romanian Association for Philosophy of Law, the Romanian National Section of IVR. The meeting took place in Bucarest, at the Institute of Research, on Novembre 26, 1996.

    The main topics consisted in the presentation given by Emil Moroianu, Lecturer and Researcher, General Secretary of the National Section, entitled Some Aspects Concerning the Kelsenian Conception of the Law and also discussions focussing on problems of the national section of IVR.

    The meeting was opened by Paul Mircea Cosmovici, member of the Romanian Academy, Director of the Institute for Legal Research and President of the Romanian Association for Philosophy of Law.

    The presentation of Emil Moroianu was followed by a general discussion. The speakers included: Paul Mircea Cosmovici, Prof. Stefan Georgescu (Philosophy), Head Researcher Prof. Sofia Popescu (Legal Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law), Assistant Researcher Tudor Avrigeanu (Penal Law). Sofia Popescu, Vice-President of the Romanian Association for Philosophy of Law, presented a report on the activity of the association in the last year and on future events.

    Recent publications: Ion Dobrinescu, Dreptatea si valorile culturii (The Justice and Values of Culture), Editura Academiei, Bucarest, 1992. Gheorghe Mihai, Introducere in teoria personalitatii in drept (Introduction to the Legal Theory of Personality), Editura Academiei, Bucarest, 1992. Gheorghe Mihai, Filosofie a dreptului, (The Philosophy of Law), Editura Helicon, Timisoara, 1995. Barbu B. Berceanu, Universul juristului Mircea Djuvara (The Jurist's Universe of Mircea Djuvara), Editura Academiei, Bucarest, 1995. Ion Dobrinescu, Introducere in logica dreptului (An Introduction to the Logic of Law), Editura Lumina lex, Bucarest, 1996.

    Records. Current Officials. President Paul Mircea Cosmovici, Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy, Casa Academiei Romane, Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 13, Bucarest, Romania, tel.: 401-410. 40.59 and 401-410.32.00 / 410.38.46. Vice-President: Sofia Popescu, Institute for Legal Research of the Romanian Academy, Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 13, 76117 Bucarest, tel.: 401-410.40.59, fax: 401-411.44.96. General Secretary: Emil Moroianu, Institutul de Cercetari Juridice, B-dul. Mihail Kogálniceanu 33, 70602 Bucarest, Romania. Executive Secretary and Treasurer: Alexandrina Serban, Institute for Legal Research of the Romanian Academy, 13 Septembrie, nr.13, 76117 Bucarest, tel.: 401-410.40.59, fax: 401-411.44.96. Correspondent for IVR Newsletter: Lelioara Pena, Institute for Legal Research of the Romanian Academy, Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 13, 76117 Bucarest, tel.: 401-410.40.59, fax: 401-411.44.96.

    Members of the National Section: Tudor Avrigeanu, Barbu Berceanu, Gheorghe Bobos, Paul Mircea Cosmovici, Ion Craioveanu, Violette Damian, Stefan Georgescu, Adriana Leordean, Liviu Marcu, Gheorghe Mihai, Emil Moroianu, Maria Nastase, Lelioara Pena, Nicolae Popa, Sofia Popescu, Radu Stancu, Gheorghe Stroe, Alexandrina Serban, Victor Ursu, Sorin Vieru.