Minutes of the 2005 CS-IVR Annual General Meeting

University of Western Ontario, London
June 1, 2005


Minutes from the CS-IVR Annual Business Meeting
June 1st 2005 at 11:30

In attendance:
Chris Borst, Samantha Brennan, Nathan Brett, Bill Conklin, Susan Dimock, Joe Ellen, Kirsten Fisher, Stephanie Gregoire, Dennis Klimchuck, Mark Mercer, Michael Milde, Jan Narveson, Ken Nickel, Marc Ramsay, Eldon Soifer, Chris Tucker.
Non-member observers: John Russon, Kenneth Vigart

Away at the IVR Meeting in Granada: Brenda Baker, Keith Culver, Chris Gray, Alistair MacLeod, Roger Shiner, Catherine Valke, Sheldon Wein. (Please pay IVR dues if you have not done so. Cheques should be made out to “Canadian Section: IVR,” Thanks, NB.)


1. President’s remarks:

Susan Dimock reminded everyone that next year’s CS-IVR meeting is to be held at York University. She then called for suggestions for topics for that meeting, and a consensus was reached on the following:

as well as the perennial “Works in progress”.

It was further agreed that the CS-IVR should again meet on the day after the Canadian Philosophical Association’s annual conference, to encourage participation in the CS-IVR by members of the philosophical community. Setting a concrete date was left to the executive, as is consistent with past practice.

Susan also raised the issue of electing a new VP. Marc Ramsay graciously volunteered for the position, and was acclaimed by general consensus.

2. Remarks from the Executive Director

Nathan Brett reported that he had paid the dues for the last two years to the IVR for a calculated 36 members. Two years dues were paid for those who (i) had forwarded cheques or (ii) attended the Canadian IVR meeting either this year or last, or (iii) were attending the International meeting in Spain this year. [Some of those latter have not yet paid their dues.] The international dues amounted to $672.72 CAD.

Nathan also brought up the question of how to calculate the actual membership of the CS-IVR, in particular whether or not to include on our membership roster people who have not paid dues. The practice has been to count as ‘members’ those who attended recent meetings and had paid dues. So far, no attempt had been made to wring dues from those who did not attend either the national or the international meetings. However, all those who are on the distribution list that has been assembled over the years are contacted about upcoming meetings and newsletters. It was decided that this method of calculating membership should remain in effect.

Lastly, Dr. Brett yielded the floor to Samantha Brennan, who had made arrangements for the traditional CS-IVR dinner to be held at Bertoldis restaurant.

3. Other Business

There was no other business.
The meeting was adjourned around noon.

Schedule of Papers

The Canadian Section of the IVR Meeting
University of Western Ontario on June 1, 2005
Location: Talbot 201

A) Privacy and Security
1) 9:00-9:40 David Elliot Eldon Soifer
"Privacy, Identity, and the Computerized World"

B) Work in Progress 1
2) 9:40-10:20 Nathan Brett
"Liberty, Equality and Morality:
Reflections on Sumner’s Critique of Butler and Keegstra"

BREAK 10 minutes

3) 10:30-11:10 Susan Dimock
"Charter Equality and Affirmative Action in Canadian Universities"
4) 11:10-11:50 Jan Narveson
"Contract or Coordination? On Hardin’s critique of Contractarianism"

Annual Meeting: 11:50-12:20
Lunch 12:20-1:30

C) Law and Justice in a Global Society
5) 1:30-2:10 Bill Conklin
"The Exclusionary Character of Hegel's Theory of International Law"
6) 2:10-2:50 Kirsten Fisher
"Retributive Justice v. Revenge in International Law"

BREAK 10 minutes

D) Work in Progress 2
7) 3:00-3:40 Stephanie Gregoire
"The Classic Debate about the Justification of Punishment: What did Aquinas really say?"
8) 3:40-4:20 Marc Ramsay
"The Religious Beliefs of Tort Victims: Religious Thin Skulls or Failures of Mitigation?"